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Side Mount Drawer Slide Installation

The parts involved with side mount slide installation are: 2 drawer side-mount drawer slides and 12 screws.

  1. Release the lever in order or to disconnect the drawer members.
  2. Using a level, align the cabinet member and set the drawer members flush to the cabinet wall.
  3. Fasten each member with the appropriate screws (you may be better suited using heavy duty screws if you plan for the drawer to keep heavy loads). You will have to slide the member back and forth in order to access all of the screw holes.


drawer slide diagram

4. On the drawer, place and align the drawer member into position, flush with the drawer overlay.

5. Fasten each member with the appropriate screws.


drawer slide installation


6. Insert the drawer into the cabinet and close. The slide will lock as the drawer is closed. Make sure that the drawer is properly aligned and is running smoothly by opening and shutting the drawer several times.