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If you wish to use side mount or euro drawer slides with a face frame cabinet, it will be necessary to do one of two things, each of which accomplishes essentially the same task: mounting the slide so that it is flush with the cabinet face frame.

Your two options are:

  1. Shim the side of the cabinet to that it is flush with the face frame.
  2. Use a rear mounting bracket.

Whichever method sounds the easiest to you is the one you should use as they are equally simple tasks and yield the same result.

1. Many track rollers will require a sturdy side rail that fits flush with the face frame. If the drawer housing does not already have side shimming, then it is only a simple task to make them from drawer length 1x3’s or 1x4’s.







2. Then you simply mount the slides to the shimming.







3. Another option is to use rear mounting sockets. These sockets are mounted to the back of the cabinet and are aligned with the face frame of the cabinet.





drawer slide
shimmed drawer slide