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Flipper Door Installation

Step 1

Before installing slide, attach base plate to holes on inner member plate using the screws that came with the set.

Position the slides against the floor and ceiling of the cabinet, be sure and inset the slides from the front of the cabinet 1/8" plus the door thickness. A shim block of this thickness can be used to measure the front location of the slide exactly.






flipper door

Step 2

Cut the follower strip to about 6" shorter than door height. Maximum thickness for follower strip should be no more than 3/4". Position the follower strip under the mounting plate and against the front angle, then pull the slides forward as shown in Figure 2. This will ensure both slides are parallel. Hold the strip in place and install screws.

flipper door installation






Step 3

Bore hinge cup holes about 1-1/2" from the door top and bottom.

The back of the door should be drilled with two 8mm and one 35mm hole to receive the hinge and its mounting screws.





Then simply lay the door face down on a flat surface, line up the dowels with the holes in the door, and drop the hinge into the holes.





After this, use the correct screwdriver and tighten the screws all the way to the stop. The hinge has now been installed to the door.




Step 4

Attach the door and adjust as required.








The final arrangement of the slides and hinges will be as below.








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