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European mount drawer slides are great for use with frameless cabinets as they are relatively easy to mount in this type of cabinet. You can also use this type of slide in a face frame cabinet. However, you will have to shim the sides of the cabinet or use a rear mounting bracket. For instructions on how to do this click the link below.


European Drawer Slide Installation

1. Install the cabinet members to the cabinet.

a. Place the cabinet member into position and fasten only the front screw. You will need to make sure that you are ¼” above the bottom of the drawer for clearance. Also, make sure that the member sits back about 2mm from the front of the cabinet.

drawer slide installation

b. Use a level to properly align the cabinet member and fasten the rest of the screws.
euro drawer slide installation

2. Install the drawer members to the drawer

a. Place the drawer members into position; make sure the rollers are located in the rear. Use a level again to align the members and fasten with the remaining screws.