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The parts involved in the installation of a center mount slide: drawer slide, rear mounting bracket, screws, and in some cases side and rear supports.

1. Measure and install the rear mounting socket by aligning it with the center of the drawer opening. Make sure and double check the height so that your slide will be level.

2. Insert the cabinet rail (the bottom half of the slide) into the rear mounting socket.

3. Fasten the front end of the cabinet rail to the cabinet face frame, centered to the opening.

4. Center the slide to the drawer bottom and drive the progs into the inside of the drawer face.


ball bearing drawer slide



This is the final alignment of the slide system.

There will normally be plastic corner pieces so that the drawer will slide smoother at the corners.





5. If the slide you have chosen utilizes a rear drawer clip, now is the time you would secure the drawer with this clip. The clip will lock in the slots on the top of the drawer slide. You can then screw the clip to the back of the drawer if possible.

6. Insert the drawer into the cabinet opening, the members will automatically lock together. Slide the drawer in and out a few times to make sure it is working properly.